The PR flak gushed . . . “Everything for sales.”

Everyone from New York has a friend from L.A. … right?

The friend writes, “SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION, I REALIZE, BUT THIS IS THIS CRAZY BUSINESS.” So they say, over and over again. The greater business etiquette offense of course, being “CC’d” with 42 other crazies. BCC please, if you can’t manage a watered-down Constant Contact. Right? Free book for the <sic> guesses.  prflak

I caught Bill Weld on some show over the summer hawking the mantra, “We all have to sell ourselves.” Perhaps his most truthful utterance on the campaign trail to date. Yet, subconsciously we know he’s correct. Part of this experiment is in fact what self-publishing is all about. The writing is finished, ISBN numbers attained, cover work done. Over 17 different uploads until the final product was made ready. Clicked the button yesterday and the book was immediately available.  Didn’t expect that, Kindle gave a pre-sales and release date options. Can’t grok pre-sales yet. Anarchist’s Shrug.

I also didn’t expect to see an end of the day sales record. Granted, I put out a link on the website, albeit buried. Still, four sales regardless. I’m pretty sure my mom bought three. I’m wondering who the fourth sale was? Rest assured, if you buy the book or submit a guess, you won’t be put on a shameless email list. But  . . . you could win a thousand dollars! Stay tuned for details. I’m cashing in the loot for a cheap 12-pack tonight. I’ll be waiting by the phone, waiting for Fallon to call.


A Techni-Color Caravan

What if one of the grunts on the Santa Maria could send pics back to his mom in Grenada as they were about to set sail from the Canary Islands on September 6, 1492? I’m sure his mom would appreciate descriptions of his duties on the aft deck and at least have a final positive memory of the son she’s about to lose to the crazy effort. Of course there are still parades in honor of the second Big Guy to hit the distant shores of the other side of the world.Sept6

I’d love to plant a mind-reading dolphin in the harbor just outside the Mayflower when it was about to take off on the same date in 1620. Imagine the prayers to the Almighty that day by the Pilgrims? If we could just download them for future generations to study and understand. Perhaps a nanobot spy in the ear of Leon Czolgosz as he pulled the trigger on McKinley that fateful day? What was he thinking? He was a bad anarchist.

I’m fortunate fate didn’t find me decomposed on a bus in Alaska any September 6th in the history of the world. I’m grateful that history didn’t tag me as the first powerful guy to die on this date. Suddenly cast with the ignominy of the Empire finally falling after his angry opponents lopped off his head. The fate of this journey (AD) is yet to be known, but it starts on September 6th.


Why July?

It fits.

History’s most storied dictator, Julius Caesar. No greater or lesser a man than I. One heart, one brain. It must have taken quite a bit of focus and discipline for ‘ol JC to take power in Rome so many years ago, eh? Every year we mark the dog days of summer with his name. Why? He took ultimate power and tried to keep it. He got bit hard. It happened, he existed. People remembered.

JULY Last summer the right fielder came out of left field and smoked my shoulder as I was working off second base. During recovery I took some power working on this project and thought I finished it on July, 23rd. Even marked the text as such. Great feeling, but it wasn’t done.

This Spring I took it off the shelf again and resolved to finish on July 23rd again. I did, sorta. The self-publishing process was another month in between real life. Next summer I might not have a real life after the “reveal”. Who knows if the pitchforks will be out. Caesar missed them coming at the forum too. Looking forward to the family reunion.

Focus and discipline ought to be a common trait for any “inner” dictator regardless of the results or circumstances of life and the probable endings.

Ego sum, ego auditum

One week.

What if the implacable cold Universe gave you a some sort of sign that your relevancy could be established in as little as one week? Fortunately yours truly has kind of worked that fear and trembling out of the daily mix, until recently. Certainly its one thing to offer a prospective readership a sampling of your thinking via a long philosophical tract, clever dialogue in literature or even a political polemic. SKFT2But what if the parents of your kids friends start to tell Johnny or Cindy not to visit the Sundwall kids, even if the bathroom is finished? Mr. Sundwall is an anarchist, that will never work . . .

I think about poor little Soren Kierkegaard walking along the streets of Copenhagen and collapsing from an aneurysm at the tender age of 42. Did he waste his life pondering about faith and god? I know how his work has permeated through the accompanying course of human thought since his untimely demise and like to think his wasn’t a wasted life, in terms of me.

I’ve lived a long and prosperous life despite not being a rich kid like SK. I’m looking forward to advancing my theory on it as a blogger and video activist in the year to come. This riddle I’m advancing is no joke or irrelevant to our lives, at least for me. I’m hoping others give it a try. It doesn’t take long. The fastest readers will eat it in 15 minutes. The average is about 25 minutes. There has been one rather long session, but more on that later. I’m expecting quite a learning curve with this experiment. I’ll take 12 packs in trade.

If you would like to try reading it with me, I’d welcome the effort. Find my shed, we’ll get it done. Until then, I hope to get out and do this project until the “reveal” on July 23, 2017. One hundred and thirty million books have been published by somebody’s account. Add one more next week.